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Капиталистическая и потребительская этики — две стороны одной медали, две дополняющие друг друга заповеди. Первая заповедь богача: «Инвестируй». Первая заповедь для всех остальных: «Покупай!»

Юваль Ной Харари

Project review and preparation

I conduct an initial examination of the economic, legal and infrastructure conditions for implementing your project 

 I develop proposals for project implementation conditions in consideration of the best interests of the city and the investor 

I develop an investment project road map 

 I keep you up to date on:available state support measurestax breaks in the regionfinancing options 

 I provide for collaboration with regional and federal development, educational and academic, and financial institutions

Selection of an investment site

I tell you about Moscow’s infrastructure and industrial potential 

 I help select the optimum site for doing business in the capital 

 I organise visits to selected sites for a more detailed review 

 I take part in preparing tender procedures if necessary